liza lou

Glass. Beads. Millions of glass beads… and in the case of that white “rope”, a “Continuous Mile” of glass beads. This is the absolutely stunning work of Los Angeles based artist Liza Lou. According to her website, Liza “utilizes glass beads as an index of intensive labor”. Mission accomplished.

cindy rizza

Sigh. Are you thinking about your grandmother right now? Me too. Oh, so many feelings, memories, smells … and these aren’t even my blankets! That is the magic of nostalgia, and when you combine beautifully boring subject matter with the insane oil painting skills of New Hampshire based artist Cindy Rizza, well, here we are. I wrote about Cindy six years ago, so I’m thrilled that I was recently pointed her way again. Here are Cindy’s words about her work:

“My work quietly examines familiar domestic comforts and the objects that we use to feel secure. In examining the unique identities of heirloom textiles and childhood nostalgia my work summons conflicting feelings of comfort and loneliness, hope and foreboding, and of life and loss. I aim to expose the contradictions within the subjects – to honor the comfort and love they bore, but unfold the truths of what we are fearful of in the darkness.


samuelle green

So apparently, that is what you look like after turning zillions of hand-rolled paper cones into gigantic paper caves! If you have Instagram {hahaha!} you’ve probably seen these insane “Paper Caves” by American artist Samuelle Green. Most recently, the interweb was going crazy over her work at the Art on Paper fair in New York. Well good news … if you’re in New York, you can still wonder through one of her paper caves at 601Artspace until May 5th. Here are a few words from Samuelle’s site about this work:

Upon entering the cavern like space, viewers will be aware of the amount of time and work involved in the creation of the installation and liken it to often overlooked art forms in nature. There is structure and design inherent in the natural world which we constantly draw from and take for granted. We generally fail to acknowledge the skill, time, and detail required to manifest the intricate structures found in objects we encounter regularly — such as those found in bird and wasp nests, beehives, spider webs, rock formations, anthills, feathers, and countless others. Samuelle’s installation references these forms on a human scale – inspiring contemplation.

lizzie darden

Gorgeous styling + Puns = Lizzie Darden. Well, I just fell down the rabbit hole that is Lizzie Darden’s Instagram feed, and I loved every pun-filled second! I think my faves are the macaroknee pads, the prank caller in a prank collar, and those potato wedges!?! I’m going to make you guess the rest over your morning coffee. Be like Lizzie and “take life pun day at a time.”

ps. I think it would be irresponsible of me not to show you these pins from Lizzie’s shop… ‘brain freeze’, ‘cheese cake’, and ‘let’s taco bout it’! Bahahaha!


joey bates

Paper paint drips? I don’t even, but how, are these, I don’t, oh my word. That was exactly what went through my head when I came across the paper-cutting work of Seattle {now Stockholm based} artist Joey Bates. If you’d like answers to all of my highly intelligent / well-spoken questions, just keep an eye on Joey’s Instagram feed for the inside scoop on how he does what he does! It’s all a little bit insane… in a wonderfully inspiring way, of course. ps. Joey and I are in a show together, titled “pa-per”, that opens on April 26 in Philadelphia at Paradigm Gallery! The opening reception is from 5:30-10pm.

Represented by Montreal’s Galerie Youn

jessica oreck

“I tend to think of myself less as an artist and more as a Bower Bird, compositing and arranging archipelagos of intricate nests.”

Currently based in South Korea, American artist Jessica Oreck makes multiple collage series, all of which live under the theme of “Sent From Where I Am”. This dreamy grouping, for example, is titled “Manila, Philippines : Collected November, 2018”. It’s basically a mix & match game using faded historical figure flashcards she found in a dusty bookshop in a mall in Manila. LOVE. Here are Jessica’s words on why she does what she does…

“I am enthralled by the objects and remnants that fall through the cracks – caught somewhere in limbo between belonging(s) and trash – the habitually forgotten residues of other people’s lives … The collages each engage directly with a sense of place. Every collection is comprised of materials gathered in a single location. Drawing on the limitations and precision of the imagery, the collages reveal a sort of palimpsest of ethos – a layering of mutating cultural vogues, the anonymous censorship of time, and my own socially muddied sense of self.”

Beautiful. Happy Friday.

kelly ording

That final image is proof … cold hard proof that those delicate, thin, perfect little lines are done by HAND. Yes, the hands of California based artist Kelly Ording are responsible for all of this goodness. Paintings, drawings, collages made from cut up drawings all of which feature her insane line work. Seriously, my hands get shaky just looking at these pieces! If you happen to be in Sun Valley, Idaho in the next week, she currently has a show – titled “An Unseen World” – at Gilman Contemporary until April 15th, 2019.

ps. Some of her work is also available to buy via Local Language.

alex chinneck

Jaw. Drops. 

This insane sculpture of an Italian facade being unzipped (!?) was just unveiled at Milan Design Week by British sculptor Alex Chinneck (in partnership with IQOS.) And, apparently, he’s not quite finished! On his Instagram feed yesterday, Alex writes, “This is the most ambitious work I’ve ever made – and there are two more to come. See it at Via Tortona 31 all this week.” Insane.

*Photographs by Marc Wilmot

rebecca chaperon & debra baxter

Oh, HELLO perfectly perfect two-person show! I have written about both of these artists, but never together … clearly, that needs to be corrected! Yes, the mysterious and crystal-filled work of Canadian painter Rebecca Chaperon, and American artist/jewelry designer Debra Baxter will be shown together at Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle. The side-by-side shows open this Thursday, April 11th 6-9pm … and speaking of side-by-side, both Rebecca and Debra will be there. You should go too.

cecil kemperink

Big, beautiful, woven CERAMICS. Oh my word. This is the absolutely stunning work of Dutch artist Cecil Kemperink. Elegant ceramic rings, in quiet colors, interconnecting to create a little bit of poetry…

“Her sculptures are connections between her varied passions: textile, clay, dance, fashion and sculpture. Kemperink works intuitively. The sculpture grows in her hands. The manual process of connecting the circles gives rise to an attentive, and labor-intensive process. Her sculptures have many appearances. They are more than 3 dimensional;  you can also change the form, hear the sound and experience the feeling when you touch the work.”

I want to touch them, pick them up, and carry them around just like Cecil! Happy Monday.