deedee cheriel

Kicking things off with “When Brown Chicks Take Over The World”, finishing with closeups of “Here’s to Extravagant Futures”, and a whole bunch of goodness in between! This is fabulous work of LA based artist Deedee Cheriel. Popping by her site is always a good idea, because there is always something new to see… AND you find out about things like this: Deedee’s latest show, titled “Cosmic Connections” opens at KP Projects, LA in a couple of weeks. Saturday, October 6th, 7-10pm to be exact. To attend, RSVP to {guest list at the door}. The show is up until October 27th.

toshihiko shibuya

“My land art fuses with the environment and aims to play freely. To live together not as opposed to nature but as close as possible.”

Delicate white mushrooms that have a subtle neon glow… except that they’re not mushrooms at all. They’re thumb tacks. LOVE. This installation, titled “White Mushroom Breeding Project”, is a 2014 project by Japanese artist Toshihiko Shibuya. So perfect, magical, and weird… hence the LOVE.

hilary white

I want to touch that unicorn hair. This is just a tiny glimpse into the beautifully bizarre portfolio of American artist Hilary White. Gorgeous compositions, delicious colors, and material lists that look like this: paint, resin, glitter, leather, cloth, spikes, hair and the list goes on. LOVE! Also inspiring… this description of her work by Paradigm Gallery:

“Inspired from her work with children within the Foster Care system, White’s latest series of truly original, eye-popping sculptural wall pieces meet at the crossroads of theology, science, and wholly imagined realities. Employing a range of mediums from hand-cut wood, plastic, and paint to resin, glitter, and even hair, White creates tangible manifestations of faith, and what she refers to as the healing process through art making.”

If you happen to be in Philadelphia next week, you can see her latest show/series, titled “Seeing Impossible Color”, at Paradigm Gallery. The opening reception is on Friday September 28th, 5.30-10pm. The show runs until October 20th.

zhuang hong yi

… and now a whole bunch of closeups, just because!

Ceramic? Nope. Plastic? Nope. Fine rice paper and acrylic on canvas? Yep. This is the work of Chinese born, Netherlands based artist Zhuang Hong Yi. As if these “flowers” aren’t mind blowing enough, somehow he has painted/arranged these delicate little petals so that the color changes depending on the angle you’re looking at them from… click PLAY on that Instagram video above to see what I mean! Sigh… so beautiful, as is this description of his work via HOFA Gallery, London:

“The flower motif dominates Zhuang Hong Yi’s work – a significant image in Chinese culture which carries countless meanings and emotions yet with equally strong associations with the Netherlands, world famous for its flowers – and he works patiently and religiously on this subject year after year, intricately crafting his works with care and forethought. Zhuang’s well known and highly collected ‘flower bed’ works are crafted from delicate pieces of painted rice paper, which he has bent and folded into hundreds of tiny buds.”

{Thanks to @melaart for pointing me to this crazy beautiful work.}

“everything shiny”

Sparkly stars, rainbows, mermaids, and a land full o’ fairies! Today I’m talking to California based artist, teacher, and restorer of all things magical … well, at Children’s Fairyland in Oakland, anyway! Shannon D. Taylor is a very busy woman, but that doesn’t stop her from adding a little bit of magic to pretty much everything she does. Listen right up there under “Southern Star”, or subscribe on iTunes.

Alright, first things first, a few of Shannon’s pieces that I’ve written about before:

See? Too good not to show again!

Next … ping pong paddles and saws, because when you do an art residency in a giant warehouse filled with thrifted goods, this is the kind of thing that can happen:

Oh, those tigers. And do you see what I mean about her sparkly starry skies? So dreamy!

Now not only is Shannon a talented painter, she’s also REALLY good at finding vintage frames to house her gorgeous work. Look at this:

Gasp! They’re all so fabulous, each one filled to the brim with Shannon’s weird & wonderful worlds. Also, I really need to go thrift shopping with her. A lot.

So, when Shannon isn’t making her own work, she’s teaching at the California College of the Arts … and I desperately want to be in her six hour sketchbook class! Here is a tiny peek into her sketchbook:

Ha! And a lovely self-portrait too! You is beautiful, Shannon.

Alright … and when she’s not making her own work, or teaching, she’s restoring the magical bits and pieces at Children’s Fairyland in Oakland! This is the super fun event at Fairyland we were talking about:

… and that’s the piece I made for it! 10″x10″ wood panel, complete with chunky gold glitter paint because when you make something for Fairyland, YOU ADD GLITTER. If you can go to this party, GO! Artists making art in front of your eyes that then sells for $40/piece? Yeah, GO!

And finally, you thought her work was magic… wait until you see her studio:

Ah-mazing! I wonder if any gnomes or fairies share that crazy-cozy space with her!?  And yes, that’s Shannon’s latest self-portrait… kickass kimono included. Thanks so much to Shannon for fitting me into her crazy schedule; thanks to Saatchi Art for supporting the episode; and of course, thank YOU for listening. There will be more art for your ear next weekend.

Other links:

  1. California College of the Arts
  2. Children’s Fairyland, Oakland California
  3. Tickets for “Drawn Together” : Friday September 28th, 2018  6-9pm
  4. Bedford Gallery, Walnut Creek CA
  5. Shannon on Instagram, aka magicmakerdreamweaver 
  6. Discount Universe {home of that awesome kimono}


jennifer davis {new show}

Strange new world, indeed! This is the latest work by Minneapolis based Jennifer Davis, and all of it’s hanging side by side right at this very moment. “Strange New World” is currently at Artspace in Raleigh, North Carolina and will be up until October 27th … in other words, wait for Hurricane Florence to make her way through, THEN pop in to see the show. Safety first, art a very close second. Happy Friday … stay safe, east coasters.

amy earles

Did I want to save this post for Halloween? Yes. Was I able to control myself? Nope! These gorgeous / creepy pieces are the work of American artist Amy Earles. Whether she’s working in pencil or paint, the results are just as elegant … and just as disturbing. Perfection.

ps. Some of Amy’s work is available in her shop … including a few fantastic paper dolls!

eric louie

This is the absolutely breathtaking work of Vancouver based painter Eric Louie. Yes, they’re paintings. I know. I stared at those metallic ribbons of gorgeousness for ages before believing that they were, in fact, oil paintings. I found Eric’s work through Bau-Xi Gallery, who has recently begun representing his work, and here is a snippet about him from their site:

“Louie’s current body of work is the culmination of his experiences as a painter. He describes his work as alluding to landscape, still life, portraiture and how those genres surface in each piece; inventing scenes via many thin layers of luminescent glazes. The delicate, yet dynamic forms that he depicts are central to the ‘virtual worlds’ he creates for the viewer to explore.”

Yep, I could happily explore these worlds… FOREVER.

ahrong kim

I have so, so many questions! This is the wonderfully whimsical work of Philadelphia based, Korean artist Ahrong Kim. All of these pieces are from her 2017 series titled “Internal Voice”, and here is part of her artist statement to shed a little more light on these fantastic piles of porcelain:

“My work is based on psychological observations that are representative of voices we all hear inside. I make ceramic figurative sculptures that describe emotions from my life as a diary. By exploring expressive possibilities of my visual language, the figurative form and its multi-colored surfaces reveal the abstracted version of my interiority … Through my works, I aim to express the topic of emotions outwardly by attempting to describe a various range of psychological states existing in our environment with visual formation of colors and figurative form.”


camp bosworth

What!? Oh my word … gigantic wooden Dairy Queen treats! This is the newest work by American artist Camp {Campbell} Bosworth. If you are anywhere even close to Waxahachie Texas this coming Sunday – September 16th, 4-7pm – get yourself to the opening of “THANK YOU, PLEASE DRIVE THRU” at Webb Gallery Oh, and maybe grab a peanut buster parfait on the way. Happy Monday.