daniel jacob

“Shortcake”, “Firecracker”, “Dreamsicle” … oh, and a TON of Swarovski crystals! These decadent pieces are the pop culture inspired work of American artist Daniel Jacob. They also happen to be my new favorite summer treat. LOVE.

{via Colossal}

ilona szalay

Oil paint on aluminum… LOVE! This is recent work by Beirut-born, London-based artist Ilona Szalay. I love her loose brushstrokes and lovely color choices, but it’s the way she paints women that gets me every single time. If you’d like to see some of Ilona’s stunning works in person, visit Arusha Gallery‘s booth {C05} at VOLTA14 in Basel Switzerland from June 11th ~ 16th.

ps. Ilona is one of the artists featured in my new book, “A BIG IMPORTANT ART BOOK … Now with Women”. I am so thrilled to have not only her beautiful work nestled into the pages of this beauty, but also her inspiring story. The book will be on shelves this Fall, but pre-orders are already underway. So. Exciting!


“DON’T WORRY IT’S ALL FUCKED” … a hand embroidered, double-sided piece of art. This is the work of a Sydney based duo known as Maricor/Maricar… aka sisters, Maricor and Maricar Manalo. They make all sorts of beautiful things {for both art lovers and commercial clients}, but given the state of the world at the moment, I thought this piece was appropriate. Here’s why they made it:

“In this double sided embroidery the positive and negative messages are contained within each other. Often self help/uplifting quotes can seem a little overly positive and off-puttingly earnest, so we wanted to create a tongue in cheek response to that stereotype. Everything is all fucked so you may as well try not too worry and be happy while you can.” 

I’ll try.

ps. Prints of this work are available in their online shop.

mowing lawns & making art

You know when you set out to interview a complete stranger, but instead you end up with a new friend who somehow totally understands your love of weeding other people’s gardens, staring into space, and eating at gallery cafes?  Yep, my plan had been to interview New York based artist, designer, and general creative genius Doug Meyer about his beautiful new book, but as usual, one thing led to another and we wound up talking about WAY more than that. You can listen right up there under that still from New York Magazine’s video about Doug’s amazing apartment, or you can subscribe on iTunes.

Where do we even begin? Well, let’s start with just a few of the wildly wonderful environments Doug has created for various clients:

Oh my word, yes! In any of those spaces, you’d feel like you were living INSIDE a work of art. Speaking of which, Doug and his husband live INSIDE a work of art:

Yeah, that’s his apartment in Chelsea. ?!? All of these images are from an article in New York Magazine. Here’s the video from the same article that Doug and I were talking about. You have to see this place to believe it:


Ok, and now… the cameos! Have a look and tell me you don’t want one:

Well, now I want one for each member of my entire family, mounted on that crazy beautiful wallpaper.

And finally, yes, we even talked about the book! “Heroes : A Tribute” is exactly that:

“The book pays homage to some of the first victims of AIDS and AIDS-related diseases—brilliant creative figures such as Robert Mapplethorpe, Keith Haring, Rudolph Nureyev, Freddie Mercury, Rock Hudson, John Duka, Tina Chow, Klaus Nomi, Halston, and Angelo Donghia. In Heroes, artist Doug Meyer honors 50 innovative pioneers from the worlds of art, design, film, and dance whose contributions may be unknown to a younger generation.”

And here’s a little peek into this neon-covered object d’art:

So gorgeous, so powerful, and so important. ps. I had to throw in that group of heroes I found on Doug’s Instagram feed… it makes me really happy to see a bunch of them hanging out together. Thanks to Doug for sharing all of his hilarious/inspiring stories; thank you to Saatchi Art for supporting the episode, and great big thanks to you for listening. There will be more Art For Your Ear next weekend.

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annette davidek

Don’t you want to wander around in these paintings for a little while? This is the dreamy {and BIG … 48″x42″} work of Brooklyn based artist Annette Davidek. I bet these “places” would smell like flowers and warm tropical air. Layers of layers, rich colors, and oh, so much depth… thanks to “multiple glazes of oil paint on wooden panel”. Amazing. I was going to guess textiles, or encaustic, … or magic. Happy Friday.

{via Kathryn Markel Fine Arts, New York}

rachel sager

Oooh, explosions!  This is the big, beautiful work of San Francisco based artist Rachel Sager. What are you looking at? Charcoal and oil on canvas! What is it all about? Well, I’ll hand this over to Rachel:

“My current body of work continues an examination of matter in transformation; metamorphosis, one state to another.   I am particularly drawn to how such elemental shifts coincide with the sometimes devastating effects of human beings on the world around them.  Here, I portray this transmutation of matter as calculated explosions on aerial landscapes; the ground living, breathing, and dying all at once, in a heavenly haze. Simultaneously, these images of meteoric combustion and uncertainty loosely depict colorful images of global warming as seen on climate change maps, thus liberating the mind from any certain and singular symbolism. Created through a unique process of brushing, rubbing and dusting, my charcoal underpaintings are comprised of the same material they seek to portray, the natural tools of my chosen trade.  The charcoal is left in its crude form in order to create an organic, almost visceral surface on which the lush properties of oil paint naturally contrast.”  

Boom, indeed.


tammy kanat

Oh. My. Word. The textures, the color choices, THE SHAPES. Sigh. This is the wonderful woven work of Melbourne based textile artist {former jeweler} Tammy Kanat. Those ovals. Seriously, my heart is beating faster than it was a minute ago!

{Studio photos taken by Emily Weaving, found on Tammy’s feed … and speaking of Instagram, that’s where I found her work! Via Thrive Art Studio’s.}

drew leshko

Ok, I’m quite sure this guy could make anything. This is a series titled, you guessed it, “Buildings” by Philadelphia based artist Drew Leshko. The level of detail and his choice of facades is fantastic, but you know what’s just as great? His artist statement:

“By carving, cutting, and layering varieties of paper and wood, Leshko creates documentary studies of architecture from his neighborhood in an attempt to create a three dimensional archive of buildings that are in transitional periods. The work examines gentrification and history, how historical relevance is determined, and most importantly, what is worth preserving. Working from observation and photographs, the artist painstakingly recreates building facades from his neighborhood at a 1:12 scale. The scale is familiar for some viewers as standard dollhouse spec; the treatment to the buildings is widely different. The minute detail of his work includes city detritus such as dumpsters and pallets, which are commentary of the same ideas of what is worth preserving. Highlighting quick fixes and simple solutions, Leshko’s work begs the viewer to build their own ideas of why and when these changes had been made. Accumulations of typically overlooked details and minutiae like acid rain deposits and rust become beautiful adornments.”

Beautiful, sad, brilliant.

éliane monnin

Ah, art and nature… a blessed union! This is the work of French artist Éliane Monnin. This is a small snippet from her ‘about’ section, and I thought it summed up this organic/organized work:

“… fascination with the mathematical structure of natural objects, the paradox between the irregularity of forms and the formula behind the perfect repetition of patterns, for the productive nature of a life drive that could be confined to art, which itself would reproduce something of nature…”

C’est bonne.

“dreaming of tigers”

First of all, today is World Collage Day!? For real. So, how perfect is it that I have the lovely and talented Clare Celeste Börsch on the podcast? Perfectly perfect! Clare is an American artist based in Berlin… who has also lived in Thailand, Brazil, Italy, Argentina, and that’s just the first part of the story! I’ve loved her work for years, and assumed she was a full-time artist. Well, you know what they say about “assuming”… it makes an “ass” out of “u” and “me”. I feel like this episode is a piece of art history in the making because only two months ago, Clare finally made the jump to being an Artist with a capital A. Why? Because a tiger told her to. Listen right up there under that lady sleeping on a petal, or you can subscribe on iTunes.

Where to begin? With Clare’s tiger, obviously. Thankfully, he has finally been set free:

This is a brand new piece {as in two days ago} that Clare made to celebrate/embrace this exciting JUMP into being a full-time artist. The story about her tiger dream was magic, as is this collage.

These are a few pieces that represent what Clare was doing for the last few years {before the glass and installation pieces}. I own prints of a few of these, and yes, I LOVE them:

Sigh. So lovely … and insane cutting skills, no?!

Ooooh, here’s the installation Clare created {and that I wrote about just a few weeks ago}:

Ridiculously beautiful {even that yellow snake, whom I hate}. So much attention to detail, so many perfectly cut bits of wonderfulness, and all done while her baby napped. I mean, COME ON.

From gallery walls to New York Magazine! Yep, for somebody “doing this on the side”, Clare has certainly had some very cool commercial clients:

Speaking as a person who buys wine for the labels {don’t you dare judge me}, I’d buy all of these!

And now… Clare’s newest body of work. Collaged worlds living inside glass panels:

Right!? Oh I think she’s on her way to creating the 3D collage world that’s in her mind. I am so happy that tiger is out of his cage!

And as usual, I like to finish things off with the artist in her element:

Gasp! That light! Also, look how organized her cuttings are? Honestly, that makes my heart race with Type A excitement {I feel like you might be judging me again?}. Thank you so much to Clare for being my guest today; thanks to Saatchi Art and Create Magazine for supporting the episode; and huge thanks to you for listening! There will be more Art For Your Ear next weekend.

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