monica kim garza

Real Ass Women, indeed! A bit Gauguin-ish … if his subjects chest bumped, slam dunked, and wore high heels to pump iron. These fantastic paintings are the work of Atlanta based artist Monica Kim Garza. I just read an interview with her on Juxatapoz – this is just a small snippet, but I thought it was kinda perfect:

People often see your work as a political, body-positive activist statement. How do you feel about that?
It is what it is, and it ain’t what it ain’t. I’m a pretty chill person, and my work, for me, is inspired by life, not conceptual ideas relating to movements. But art should be free for interpretation, so that’s what it is. 

Chest bump.

dominic joyce

Whoa. These geometric paintings – yes, paintings – are the precise work of UK based artist Dominic Joyce. My high school math teacher told me I’d need math even if I became an artist … maybe this is what he was talking about?! Gorgeous.

{His work is available via Saatchi Art}

josie lewis

I thought I was obsessed with color, but Minnesota based artist Josie Lewis takes this passion to a whole new level. These are just two of her more recent pieces, but she’s got a portfolio filled with bits of paper, paint, resin, and mesmerizing videos demonstrating how she makes it happen… yep, there goes your next couple of hours! Happy Monday…


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olimpia zagnoli

There is so much to love about this! These pieces are the work of Milan based artist and illustrator Olimpia Zagnoli … not only do I love her style, her color choices, and of course, spaghetti… it’s her reason for creating these images of women so thoroughly owning their pasta-eating experience. This is the show description via Galleria Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea:

The show “How To Eat Spaghetti Like A Lady” overturns the series of photographs of the same name taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt, published in the American magazine Time Life in 1924, which is presented as a tutorial made of eight close-ups portraying a charming model in the act of composedly consuming a plate of spaghetti.

Olimpia, who in her illustrations favors the representation of soft, amused and colorful women, gives us a brilliant interpretation of the meaning of “like a lady”, thus drawing a series of portraits of girls who are tasting their plate of spaghetti in a completely singular and authentic way. Distant from established rules of conduct, from unnecessary poses or conventions, the women reveal their creativity and an unexpected and personal attitude.

With her works, Olimpia Zagnoli opens a window through which we can glimpse a fragment of the moment when, in their domestic intimacy, women voluntary forget the precepts of their education. And it is exactly at the same time that “they do what shouldn’t be done, they create new paths and new languages. There will be the woman who eats her spaghetti in bed, the one who eats them upside-down, the one who weaves them with her own hair, and so on”, says Olimpia.


mark dyball

Ahhh… clean lines, muted palettes, elegant compositions … I would happily move into ANY of these paintings! This is the architecture inspired work of UK based painter Mark Dyball. Keep an eye on his lovely Instagram feed for in progress work (because they’re beautiful before they’re even finished, too!)

noriko kuresumi


The sea is the origin of life.
All lives are connected and have been supporting each other.
I create my work by imagining the source of harmony and balance of the ocean.

Indeed. These organic, porcelain, odes to the origin of life are the exquisite work of Japanese artist Noriko Kuresumi. Beautiful.
{Photos by Shin Ono}

mark johnsen

Oooh, paper rocks! I really want to make a joke about scissors, but I won’t. This lovely piece is the work of California based printmaker Mark Johnsen. I wonder how long I would stand in front of this work, titled “The Rocks”, if given the opportunity. Monotypes, etchings, stone lithographs … oh so many textures, lines, details. Sigh. Here are a few words on where Mark draws inspiration:

“… from childhood fishing trips to the Eastern Sierras and is fascinated by the intersection of natural elements. By using the Monotype process he works reductively to scratch or wipe away extra information to reveal a clearer image. Much like his memories, the process caters to the images that are produced.” 

vanessa lam

Gasp! This is the dreamy abstract work of Vancouver based artist Vanessa Lam. She paints and collages, each medium clearly influencing the other. Also… her palette!? LOVE. Here is part of Vanessa’s artist statement:

“… She refers to Abstract Expressionism in her work through the use of gesture and automatic painting. It is an action-oriented process that involves a balance between chance and control. Although her mark-making may appear incidental, Lam loosely directs paint through the immediacy of brushwork and use of non-traditional painting tools.”

Ok, now I want to know what all of those tools are! Vanessa currently has a show in New York, the result of being last year’s grand prize winner of the Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series, a creative partnership between Bombay Sapphire and Artsy {psst… I’m one of the judges this year}, and the deadline is coming up one month from today: JULY 11, 2018! It’s FREE to enter, and open to all artists in North America who are 25 years and older. Good luck… but in the meantime, go and see Vanessa’s work in person, because jpgs don’t do it justice :  “There is Another Sky” /  Openhouse Gallery  168 Bowery / June 7 – June 17  / 11am-7pm

{images via Vanessa’s Instagram / Artsy’s Instagram}

“petrol. rent. snacks.”

THIS IS A DRAWING. Yes, “paint” drawn with colored pencils. For real. After listening to and loving – both of her TEDx talks (2014 / 2018), I am so thrilled to be chatting with Australian-born, New York based artist CJ Hendry. A few fun facts: CJ stands for Catherine Jenna, she sold her entire wardrobe to buy drawing supplies, her favorite color is white, and she swears like a sailor… obviously I loved her immediately. Listen to episode no.140, the final episode of Season No.2, right up there under that perfect pink “paint”, or you can subscribe on iTunes.

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? Big, beautiful objects of desire:

She doesn’t love the word “AMAZING”, so don’t tell her I said this … AMAZING! She’s got a lot of footwear in her portfolio, but I’m pretty sure those Aussie boots were the big first sale she mentioned.

Next … food! This is the first series of CJ’s I ever saw (2015). Clearly I had to write a post immediately when I saw these yummy morsels:

Um, yeah… my pen doesn’t do that.

Now, we didn’t talk about this next series, but I just found it (on her Instagram feed), and had to show you. An alphabet of metallic balloons, each letter drawn in a location that started with that particular letter:

… and of course, there are many more! I was quite proud of my self-control in only posting two of them.

Oh my word, and now her paint series. This might be my fave (simply because I personally have a thing for big juicy strokes of paint in my own work). Brace yourself:

Pick jaw up off floor. Continue reading:

And finally… “Monochrome”:

I absolutely will not say AMAZING (but I might be thinking it). I wish I’d been in New York when this show was open… I would have jumped in that bin of pink teddy bears for sure.

And lastly, I thought this photo was a perfect way to wrap things up … CJ in New York, drawing, while wearing all white:

Livin’ the dream. I’m quite sure she can afford all of the petrol, rent and snacks her heart desires at this point! Thank you so much to CJ for doing this with me – I had such a great time, and I feel like this conversation was a great way to finish season two! Thanks to Saatchi Art and Create Magazine for supporting the episode (and don’t forget to check out The Other Art Fair … London, Chicago, Los Angeles and Brooklyn are this fall, so deadlines are coming up). And finally, high fives to you for always showing up to listen – I appreciate it more than I can explain in words. I’m going to spend the summer recharging, getting ready for my fall book tour, and recording a whole bunch of new episodes for SEASON THREE … see you in September! ps. In the meantime, feel free to pop over to iTunes to give Art For Your Ear a little love ♥

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ravi zupa & arna miller

How much do I love these drunk cats on matchboxes? [   T H I S  M U C H  ! ! !  ] These hilarious little block prints are a collaboration between Ravi Zupa & Arna Miller. Some of them are showing at Arna’s current show at Abstract Denver. You can also buy them online right here or here. Happy Friday!