i’m jealous of the jen11 show


Damn I wish I thought of that. What a fantastic idea – And I know at least 12 Jen’s that I could have rounded up. Damn.

This show is made up of artwork by 11 artists named Jennifer. The idea for this show came from the fact that in a span of 15 years more than one million Jennifer’s came into the world. Now adults that are part of Generation X, these women have even been put into their own highly sought after demographic known as “The Jennifer Demographic” or “Jen-eration”. This show explores the question, “Have members of this Jen-eration unknowingly grown into a common artistic sensibility?” You can decide for yourself by viewing the show or buying the book from Uppercase Gallery.

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  1. Jen /// 06.14.2009 /// 3:03pm

    I absolutely love this blog, both conceptually and in execution. Reading it makes me feel like I’m eavesdropping on one of my own conversations over coffee with a fellow photographer friend.
    I am totally going along for this “Jealous” ride!

  2. The Jealous Curator /// 06.14.2009 /// 5:32pm

    I think I’m actually blushing a little bit… yep, I am.
    Thank you so much Jen – what a fantastic comment to get on a Sunday afternoon! And what an appropriate piece of work for you to comment on : )