i’m jealous of david sedaris


I usually only write about visual artists that make me jealous, but I just heard an interview with one of my favourite writers, David Sedaris and I’ve come up with a plan. David writes about everyday people that he observes in everyday life… but with his own special, hilarious skew. I’d love to get a handful of artists* to work with him, each one creating a piece based on a story from his diary. Then I’d hang the work in a small gallery, put an armchair in the middle and David would read aloud from said diary (His books are amazing, but hearing him read will make you laugh til you cry!). After the show David and I would become best friends. We’d hang out in Parisian cafes laughing and drinking coffee. Ah yes ~ a  perfect plan on so many levels.

* Here’s my artist lineup for the show: Sidney Pink, Team Macho, Tim Moore, Martha Rich, Dave Barnes

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  1. Jojo /// 07.05.2009 /// 8:43pm

    David and Danielle WILL be bffs. I am writing it on a yellow sticky and putting it on my computer screen this split sec. David, trust me, if there’s a vacancy at your Friendship Inn, save the spot for the Jealous Curator. She is brilliant.

  2. khall /// 07.05.2009 /// 8:59pm

    Having just finished “Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim”, I think this is a fantastic idea. I’m reserving my spot at the reading now.

  3. The Jealous Curator /// 07.05.2009 /// 9:45pm

    Well, if I’m already booking seats I better make a few phone calls and get this thing rolling. Hm, maybe we should have the show in Paris, that way the whole ‘becoming friends / laughing and drinking in a Parisian cafe’ thing would be so much more efficient.

  4. noifula /// 07.06.2009 /// 1:42pm


  5. Elle Wild /// 07.06.2009 /// 3:45pm

    Sorry, Curator, but you can’t be best friends with “David” because he is MY best friend. Mine. All mine. Are you jealous?

    If you do have a Sedaris show in Paris, I shall be forced to come so that you don’t friend-steal.



    (Also, having heard Sedaris read on NPR, I would love to hear him read in person.)

  6. Tricia /// 07.06.2009 /// 6:12pm

    Hey Jealous Curator,

    Can I be BFF’s too? It sounds like a fantabulous idea. Any chance this will take place near where I live? In Toronto, perhaps?

    Keep us posted!

  7. theGK /// 07.07.2009 /// 3:28pm

    I absolutely love this idea. Had a chance to see David a few years ago during the Vancouver writers festival. The show was awesome with a really cool mix of people in the crowd. The best part of the evening was the Q&A at the end — he’s one of the most interesting people around and if there’s a sign-up for tickets, I’m in!

  8. Dan /// 07.07.2009 /// 9:32pm

    Congratulations in advance on your new BFF. I promise that I will not attempt to steal him from you while he’s here for this amazing event. Please keep in mind however, that I cannot control his actions. If you happen to spot the two of us sharing a latte, laughing hysterically and demonstrating unprecedented new-friend chemistry, please know that it was not by design. Honestly, if I had my way, it would be you and not me collaborating with him on his next piece. I’m serious.

  9. The Jealous Curator /// 07.07.2009 /// 10:10pm

    Hey, if I could get David Sedaris to agree to do this reading/art show that would be enough for me. I don’t have to become his best friend in the process… although who are we kidding, it would probably just happen naturally through our delightfully witty back-and-forth banter while preparing for the coolest show ever.

  10. garnet /// 07.08.2009 /// 8:58am

    Saw an interview with him recently. Brilliant. he would be lucky to have you as his bff and vice versa. maybe we could arrange a reality show, like Paris Hilton BFF and have it set up for you to be the winner. (like he wouldn’t choose you anyway).

  11. Stephanie /// 07.26.2009 /// 8:07pm

    That’s a fantastic idea. I saw him speak at Massey Hall and he was hilarious. It would be great to see it in the context of art imitating life, imitating art that is imitating life. And the most important question – would this show be in Paris?

  12. The Jealous Curator /// 07.26.2009 /// 8:36pm

    Thanks Stephanie – I would love to do this. The official pitch has been sent to his agent so we’ll see what happens. I proposed New York as a possible location but Paris would be fine by me! Which one works better for you ; )