i’m jealous of michelle thompson


Ah, nothing like a little vintage, photographic, scribbly mixed media collage to start off a Thursday morning. Michelle Thompson is an illustrator from the UK who is represented by Montreal’s Anna Goodson Management.

{If you like this you should also check out Julien Pacaud. His work is very vintage/photographic/mixed media… no scribbles though.}

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  1. Michelle Thompson /// 11.03.2009 /// 1:55pm

    My website has just gone live, http://www.michelle-thompson.com
    Please take a look!

  2. Michelle Thompson /// 11.03.2009 /// 2:52pm

    Sorry! I forgot to say, I linked your page to my news.


  3. The Jealous Curator /// 11.03.2009 /// 3:57pm

    Thanks Michelle! Just checked out the new site… it looks great! Congratulations : )