i’m jealous of david linneweh


Sigh. I love these David Linneweh paintings. I have a thing for old buildings. I think it’s because you can’t look at them without making up some kind of story in your head.  These both feel a bit lonely and sad to me. Maybe it’s the ‘unfinished’ images, or the bare trees in the background… or maybe it’s the thought of a whole bunch of abandoned dilly bars. Now that’s sad!

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  1. Caroline Hancox /// 07.09.2009 /// 3:44am

    these are lovely! I have just come across your blog and i think the title is amazing! i love looking at other peoples creativness but it does sometimes leave me a bit depressed! i will definatley be back for another look soon! x

  2. The Jealous Curator /// 07.09.2009 /// 7:12am

    Thanks Caroline – Come back anytime!