i’m jealous of alison lilly


Let me begin by apologizing for the quality of these photos. I took them with a small camera, a spotlight shining on them, elbow to elbow with a huge crowd of people at ‘THE wee SHOW’ last Saturday night… so they’re not doing these two pieces from Alison Lilly’s screen printed Prison series justice, but I still wanted to show them! These are found images from S&M magazines from the 1950’s… those poor women in the 50’s never caught a break did they? I like Alison’s explanation of the work so here it is:

‘The images and text are screen printed onto fabric, inset into a wooden box and are framed behind glass. The Faces seem to hide in reclusion and exile, behind masks, consigned to their exploits, while encouraging the viewer to delight in the paradox the written discourse provides.’

There you have it.