i’m jealous of the maker of ‘mooks’


Weird, hilarious and kinda cute… the triple threat that gets me every time.

These strange little creatures are called ‘mooks’. I found one of them on Pikaland, and then followed the trail back to an etsy shop called My Grey Sky, run by an artist who uses the name I love grey skies. Well you know what Ms. Grey Skies, I love your mooks! Especially the ones wearing knitted hats. I’ve had a thing for knitted head gear lately… must be the cool September weather. Brr.

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  1. The Jealous Curator /// 09.16.2009 /// 12:49pm

    So, I contacted this artist and bought the top piece! Well, kind of. It was spoken for but she’s making me my own custom mook mask set of three… i picked a bear, an owl and a fox. Should be ready next week – So cool.