i’m jealous of olivia jeffries


These drawings are the wonderful work of UK artist Olivia Jeffries. Every drawing that she does is on a scrap of something (paper, cardboard, old book jackets) that she’s found somewhere (floors? the street? cafes?). I love the pieces that are not only on found paper, but also contain found drawings left behind by children… ie., the tanks above. Her images breathe new life into something that’s been forgotten, and magically turn a tattered old book cover into art. Very inspiring.

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  1. Jesse Lu /// 09.22.2009 /// 6:52pm

    I bought one of her seconds recently… It’s sooooo lovely. I’m totally jealous too.

  2. The Jealous Curator /// 09.22.2009 /// 7:36pm

    Now I’m jealous of Olivia and YOU : )

  3. nathalie /// 09.29.2009 /// 10:58am

    I’m painfully jealous of her.
    Found you via sfgirlbybay…

  4. The Jealous Curator /// 09.29.2009 /// 2:43pm

    That’s exactly what I’m talking about… painful jealousy. That’s how I know that I’ve found something post-worthy! ; )