i’m jealous of melissa doherty


When I first saw these soft, yet striking, pieces by Melissa Doherty I wasn’t quite sure what I was looking at. Is it sculpture? Photographs of tiny models? Nope, they’re paintings. Oil on canvas. Amazing! Now in my defense, Melissa does say that she thinks ‘of each painting more as a still life, construction, or model, and a metaphor for comfort, desire, protection, isolation and facade’… so at least my model theory wasn’t that far off!

{This artist was brought to my attention by Eric Cator, another fabulous painter that I wrote about in July. His blog is called paintblog and features lots & lots of painters that would make anyone jealous!}

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  1. Katrina & The King /// 10.07.2009 /// 4:34am

    oooooh i love this and don’t know why