i’m jealous of dali’s decorating skills


I was at the library today and saw a Salvador Dali book on the shelf, which reminded me that I probably had my next post in an old photo album somewhere. I went to Dali’s Theatre & Museum in Figueres, Spain years ago and was totally inspired to say the least. I was there for about 4 hours and still didn’t see everything. The art on display was weird and wonderful as always, but what I loved so much was how crazy the actual house was, and he really lived there… in a pink house with popcorn-like sculptures stuck to the exterior walls, huge eggs lining the top of house, and Mae West’s nostrils as his fireplace(s). I wonder if I could get at least one nostril installed before winter?

{I ended up finding only one of these photos in my album. I have no idea where they all went?! Well, thanks to all of you other travelers out there that I ‘borrowed’ most of these images from!}