i’m jealous of miquel wert


Vintage family photos are one of my favourite things. I love the relaxed/familiar body language, the stories you can’t help but inject, and the little peek you get into other people’s lives. These paintings (oil and charcoal mixed lovingly together) are by Spanish/Swedish painter Miquel Wert. I’ve seen a lot of work that references old family albums, but these are definitely unique. All of his pieces have a very ghostly quality, with most of his subjects being faceless. To me, it feels like memories that are slowly fading away. A bit sad, but beautiful none-the-less.

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  1. Sarah /// 12.04.2009 /// 2:17pm

    I think these are beautiful. You are right, they do look ghostly. They make me feel sad but happy-says she, talking in the emotional language of a five year old!

  2. Lee /// 07.19.2016 /// 12:04pm

    I like the texture of these. They also remind me of the work of artist Nicolas Columbo.