i’m jealous of ali cavanaugh


Ok, so I’m not sure why they have knee socks on their arms, but does it really matter? The end result is beautiful! There’s got to be a story there though… Ali Cavanaugh, if you’re out there, we’d love to know more about these lovely watercolour frescos.

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  1. ethanollie /// 12.14.2009 /// 3:30pm

    i own that last cavanaugh piece…and let me just say that your jealousy is perfectly warranted

    amazing, amazing work. it literally glows on the wall

  2. ethanollie /// 12.14.2009 /// 3:37pm

    i lied…it’s this one http://www.alicavanaugh.com/?p=450

    just as covet worthy

  3. The Jealous Curator /// 12.14.2009 /// 6:00pm

    So, now I’m jealous of you! Do you have the original or a print? I would love either to tell you the truth.

  4. nathalie /// 12.15.2009 /// 5:04am

    i especially like the first one, and the one ethanollie owes. It’s always a pleasure to see your jealousies.

  5. The Jealous Curator /// 12.15.2009 /// 12:31pm

    thank you… luckily i never seem to run out of art to be jealous of!

  6. The Jealous Curator /// 12.20.2009 /// 12:30pm

    so, i heard from ali cavanaugh herself and got an explanation about the socks on the arms. i thought there might be some sort of deep, artsy meaning behind them… but no, it’s much simpler than that:

    ‘there is no deep meaning. it was a simple visual component that evolved from legs to arms. i was having fun and success with painting the dangling striped legs, but could only go so far with the legs. i wanted to get those stripes up around the figure’s upper body and face…so i moved the socks up to the arms….and then fell in love.’

    she rarely sketches but instead works directly with models taking hours to play with composition, lighting, and textiles. It sounds like they have a pretty good time playing around… putting knee socks on their arms for example. love it.