i’m jealous of lee price


I feel a bit torn looking at these amazing realist paintings by Lee Price. The subject matter is so heavy and sad, but the images are so soft and beautiful. You quickly realize that what, on first glance, looks like an afternoon tea party is actually a very lonely prison. I’ve had a few friends with eating disorders and I believe these paintings sum up, in a 4foot x 5 foot space, exactly how they felt.

I love the overhead view, the large scale, and the amazing attention to detail. Beautiful and powerful work.

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  1. Heather Kennedy /// 12.10.2014 /// 7:13am

    Lee has such gorgeous paintings that I’ve always wanted to fall into, even when I’m not hungry. My favorite Lee Price is a more recent series in a bathtub. The water looks like it’s shimmering. Liquid is tough to paint. I studied art with her mother in Upstate New York, and outrageous talent seems to run in their family.
    Thank you for your blog!

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