i’m jealous of michael lin


Sadly, my living room is a far cry from an architectural space large enough to house one of these monumental, beautifully painted murals by Taipei/Paris based artist Michael Lin. His work is inspired by traditional Taiwanese textile patterns, but he hugely exaggerates the scale, truly transforming the spaces they’ve been placed into. Since my living room clearly won’t work out as a site for one of these murals, here’s quick list of where you can find a few of them: Musee d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris; P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center Cafe, New York; the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco; the Palais de Tokyo in Paris; the Atrium, Stadhuis City Hall, Den Haag… Jealous yet? Yep, me too.

{The Vancouver Art Gallery has a Michael Lin show, titled A Modest Veil, opening on January 23rd, 2010. He will be creating a mural that covers the entire Georgia Street fa├žade. And if that’s not enough for you, in his exploration of ‘veiling’ the gallery, he’ll also be wrapping the publications on the shelves of the VAG store in custom designed paper… hey – now that could fit into my house!}

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  1. The Jealous Curator /// 01.06.2010 /// 2:30pm

    FYI – the show at the Vancouver Art Gallery is part of the Cultural Olympiad that welcomes the 2010 Olympics to Vancouver. There are all sorts of events, shows, installations etc… so if you’re going for the hockey, snowboarding and grand slalom, don’t forget to fit a little art in while you’re there!


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  3. Charles Johnston /// 02.18.2010 /// 9:30am

    I’m jealous of Michael Lin too! Not because I didn’t think of it, but because I did.
    For calls for the 2010 Cultural Olympiad, I submitted my wish to create a monumental mural in conjunction with the Winter Olympics, as a Canadian muralist. I did something similar in Winnipeg, Manitoba during the 1999 Pan Am Games. It felt like I was in my own sporting event, as it is very physical work. Kind of like performance, too.
    Ironically, I am working on a permanent mural design for the Art gallery of Southwestern Manitoba for this year.
    On the whole, I am just happy to see mural work validated by the ‘highest office’ of art- the art gallery/museum in a major urban centre.
    Way to go, Michael Lin!

  4. The Jealous Curator /// 02.18.2010 /// 10:15pm

    Ouch. That’s the hardest kind of jealousy… when you actually did think of it! Well, kudos to you for being happy for him, and good luck with your project!

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