i’m jealous of ‘tartantoes’


Something like a phenomena is right. If I told you that ‘Tartantoes’ was the alias of an artist from London, who had shown work all over the world, and her latest much anticipated solo show was opening this weekend in New York, you’d probably believe me right? Well, you shouldn’t. She’s actually a sixteen-year-old cheerleader from Indonesia. Yep, I know. My reaction went a little something like this…

‘What?! THAT’S WHACK!’

You too?

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  1. Jen /// 01.12.2010 /// 9:53am

    um, yeah, wish I was that cool when I was 16.

  2. The Jealous Curator /// 01.12.2010 /// 10:13am

    like totally
    ; )

  3. grace /// 01.12.2010 /// 5:45pm

    i’m jealous of…the jealous curator.

    jus sayin’

  4. The Jealous Curator /// 01.12.2010 /// 6:03pm

    *blush blush*
    thanks grace

  5. hilda /// 03.13.2011 /// 7:05am

    she has a blog you know, http://unicorncy.blogspot.com but i dont think she posts there anymore, she does here though http://mister-daddy-longlegs.tumblr.com and just click the ‘my art’ part.

    if thats any help 🙂
    love your blog btw!