i’m jealous of virginia echeverria whipple


Sweet Mother of Buttony-Goodness!  That was my first thought upon finding the work of Virginia Echeverria Whipple…  clearly, I found the button pieces first. I was sufficiently jealous and thought I had my post ready to go. Then, just to be sure that I was doing my homework, I started looking around the many sections of her vast portfolio. Man alive, it was a mixed media gold mine! Buttony-goodness and then some!

{I found Virginia on the always inspiring Design For Mankind}

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  1. melanielee /// 01.21.2010 /// 3:47pm

    Loving the color, just found this site and so appreciate it’ Thankyou.
    Cheers Melanie
    Threads of Conscience

  2. The Jealous Curator /// 01.23.2010 /// 9:59pm

    Yep, loving the color, especially surrounding those two little birds!