i’m jealous of bonnie lewis


Oh Bonnie Lewis, if only I had found you before I posted my head + shoulders portraits show last week.

These lovely, and very colourful ladies, are from a series called Daughter Tales. Twelve of the paintings in the series are titled All Eve, followed by a number to distinguish them from each other. So, here’s my theory… either these girls’ parents weren’t very creative when it came to handing out names, or it’s a biblical reference to Eve, of Adam and Eve fame. Of course, both of these early morning theories could be completely wrong {I haven’t had coffee yet}. Bonnie, if you’re out there, let us know if I’m right, or if you do in fact know twelve different girls named Eve.

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  1. Bonnie /// 02.01.2010 /// 10:44am

    Hey J.C., well at least you found me now! and I’m glad you did.
    In regards to EVE it is she of Biblical fame and Mitochondrial Ancestry.
    All women are Eve.


  2. The Jealous Curator /// 02.01.2010 /// 10:59am

    i knew it! phew… now i don’t have to worry about a family with 12 sisters named eve ; )
    thanks bonnie