i’m jealous of joe fig


I’ve been jealous of other artist’s studios before, but never quite like this. These images are from Joe Fig’s book Inside the Painter’s Studio in which he gives the reader a unique glimpse into the studio, routine and daily life of 24 painters. Now, most authors would go into these studios to observe, take some photos and get their interview. Joe Fig did all of that… oh, and he also perfectly recreated these 24 work spaces into miniature sculpture form {11″ x 11″ x 9.5″} right down to the teeney-weeney oil paints and the splattered mess on the floor. Yep. I love this book, I love these sculptures, and I really wish I had that many bottles, tubes and cans of paint in my studio!

{The sculptures shown above are the studios of 1) Eric Fischl 2008 2) Malcolm Morley 2007 3) Barnaby Furnas 2006}