i’m jealous of EVERYONE in this series


Today, two art blogs, Habit of Art {Portland} and Art Hound {Brooklyn}, are joining forces on a collaborative six week artist interview series that features twelve well-known, independent artists from, well, obviously… Portland and Brooklyn. So, who’s on the list? Julia Rothman, Anthony Georgis, and Kate Bingaman-Burt just to name a few. I know. It’s gonna be good. Every Monday an artist from both cities will be interviewed, ultimately creating a dialogue between these two incredibly vibrant art communities. I myself have a few questions for this entire group. Things like, ‘Why are you trying to crush my soul with your talent? Why? What did I ever do to you?’ Yep, stuff like that.

{Images above are by 1) Julia Rothman 2) Anthony Georgis 3) Kate Bingaman-Burt}

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  1. Dr.Daffodil /// 02.15.2010 /// 5:35pm

    I love the idea of starting conversations between separate groups in the art world. Talk about inspiration! I’d like to see more of this even within New York City.

    – dr.daffodil @ improperopera.com

  2. Dr.Daffodil /// 02.15.2010 /// 5:35pm

    P.s i’m jealous too.