i’m jealous of hanna von goeler


Some artists are just all about the money. {Insert snobby eye roll here}

With just over 500 of these paintings under her belt, Hanna von Goeler is clearly in it for the cash… and I’m totally on board. I love the feeling of a paintbrush on found materials, like old books / magazines / wood, and I’ll bet good money* that this surface would be even more satisfying. Adding your own meaning, and dash of colour to those plain old green bills would be amazing… but hey, that’s just my two cents*.

*{Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I tried, but I seriously could not stop myself.}

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  1. anthony /// 04.06.2010 /// 6:21pm

    Now I’m jealous!
    These are amazing.

  2. jetsonjoe /// 04.12.2010 /// 5:07pm

    Nice stuff…but truly be careful…Technically in the eyes of the American law…defacing government property…money, flag, buildings, etc., is a hugely criminal and insidious act of gross vandalism. Desecration, felony, misdemeanor are various words that come up with this search. It varies from state to state…but it seems generally to be with intent to gain…so…would selling a modified bill constitute “gain”, I can only see harm and injury coming to the movement and showing of these currency items…maybe best to stay on a banks walls…as in art on their walls. Nice, brave, pretty, adventuresome…all the best. Get some legal advice maybe…?