i’m jealous of suzie stanford


Well, clearly it’s time to redecorate because I’ve just found some furniture that I can’t live without. Perhaps I can give the room a ‘tea’ theme, what with the chair being upholstered in tea towels and the lamp being¬† made up of a zillion dangling¬†souvenir tea spoons. Oh, I could host the best tea parties in town! Maybe Melbourne artist Suzie Stanford would even show up for a sip of Earl Grey? But hold on to your tea cups folks… she may very well sneak off with them to make a bunch of her lovely pendant lamps {I’m not kidding, she might. She’s got to get her supplies from somewhere right?}

{via Junk Culture}

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  1. rachel awes /// 04.06.2010 /// 3:41am

    i’m loving your blog!! how fun is this chair?! & this spoon art is AMAZING!! (i have number of special spoons & can just SEE this now!).
    all INSPIRING. besssst to you!! xo

  2. Suzie /// 04.13.2010 /// 8:07pm

    Thank you so much for including my work on your FAB blog. I have got lost in hours of reviewing the treasures you have hunted out. Just ace. Thanks once again for your support. sxxxxx

  3. The Jealous Curator /// 04.13.2010 /// 8:34pm

    You’re welcome! Thank you for making such FAB things for me to write about ; )