i’m jealous of amy kligman


These lovely paintings, by American artist Amy Kligman, could easily be the covers for a series of children’s story books… well, somewhat terrifying, nightmare-inducing children’s story books. Ok, so maybe I wouldn’t read the one about a little girl and a bunch of bunnies sinking into a black bog right before bed, but I would definitely hang that painting on my wall in a heartbeat!

{FYI… Amy, and her husband Misha, are the authors of a fantastic art blog called ARTNICKS.}

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  1. Esti /// 04.12.2010 /// 6:26am

    I agree. Her art would make beautiful children illustrations for very special books. Top one is my fave.

  2. The Jealous Curator /// 04.12.2010 /// 9:44am

    me too. love those sinking bunnies : )

  3. Color Collective /// 04.12.2010 /// 9:30am

    Wow! Amazing work.

  4. Sara /// 04.12.2010 /// 11:44am

    I am in love with these. I love the smoke/patterned clouds.