i’m jealous of samantha french… again

Warm sun, cool blue water, and a brand new red swimsuit. This is where I want to spend my weekend… inside any of these new paintings by New York based {Minnesota raised} artist Samantha French. Ahhhh…

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  1. Vicky /// 06.06.2010 /// 6:27am

    There’s this slight undulation that I see in Samantha French’s paintings. They almost seem to breathe don’t they? Thanks for sharing! I’ve been following your blog for awhile – where do you find all these artists that stir your (/our) jealousy?

  2. The Jealous Curator /// 06.10.2010 /// 8:07pm

    vicky, i’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to answer your question! where do i find these jealousy-inducing artists? everywhere. i spend a lot of time online searching through hundreds of gallery sites; i pay attention to twitter feeds from lots of inspiring, artsy people; i follow a bunch of very good art blogs (that i’m also jealous of!); i go to as many shows as i can, which always leads to conversations about other artists that i should check out, which i do : ) and lately, i have to admit, my job is getting easier. i’ve been getting emailed directly by artists submitting their work, and people (like you!) sending me their favourites. i can just sit back and let the jealousy roll right in my front door… and i love it! thanks for asking ; )

  3. Elsa /// 06.07.2010 /// 2:24am

    Such beauty and simplicity. The expressive brushstrokes and colors are mesmerizing.