i’m jealous of alisha amirkhanian

I don’t know anything about California-based artist Alisha Amirkhanian {ok, well, other than that she’s based in California}, but I do know that I absolutely love her paintings! I love her colour choices, her fine brushwork, and her attention to detail… right down to the incredibly poor dental hygiene of these very fancy ladies.

{via Design For Mankind}

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  1. Jessica Heberle /// 06.09.2010 /// 11:15am

    Thanks for posting this artist! I really like her stuff

  2. Aaron Smith /// 06.18.2010 /// 6:32pm

    Alisha was a former student of mine at Art Center College of Design. She is a great artist and a really nice person.

  3. The Jealous Curator /// 06.18.2010 /// 7:49pm

    Thanks for writing Aaron! It’s always nice to find out that insanely talented people are also really nice… doesn’t always work out that way ; )

  4. alisha amirkhanian /// 09.09.2015 /// 1:57pm

    hello there! i wanted to let you know this is my work 🙂 my updated website is alishasofia.com

    thank you!!