i’m jealous of amy santoferraro

One of my favourite ways to spend a Saturday afternoon is poking around a thrift shop. It’s like looking for a treasure… buried deeply in a whole bunch of other crap. But, every now and then you find something special, and in the case of American artist Amy Santoferraro, a whole truck load of special somethings. Her solo exhibition titled Just Visit is an homage to all of these weird and wonderful orphans. She has created a lovely 5 minute stop-motion animation that features all of her finds {and has great music}. But don’t go home yet! Head over to the Adopt-a-Surprise shelf and buy one of the stars from the film {very sweetly wrapped I might add}. Hm, maybe next time I’ll just skip the thrift shop, and head straight to Amy’s show!

‘Keeping true to catch and release practices, it’s time to let go. Some of these objects have been with me forever, some just a couple of weeks, but all of them have boasted some degree of promise or beauty to me. I ask that you blindly take them on, not knowing, but trusting that they will do something for you too. They were just visiting.’

~ Amy Santoferraro

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  1. Color Collective /// 06.09.2010 /// 9:22am

    love these miniatures, adorable!!

  2. Maria /// 06.09.2010 /// 5:08pm

    You should be jealous of Amy – she is an amazing artist!