i’m jealous of julia pott

Ah yes, awkward bears in loud knitwear, love from a distance, and what I can only assume to be a polar bear with a crush on a boy named Keith Nash. I am jealous of these illustrations, and I’m jealous of this very sweet, award winning, animation titled My First Crush {fyi: the polar bear that loves Keith Nash is a rough from this film}. And really, can you blame me? The work of London based illustrator / animator Julia Pott makes everyone jealous! I have seen her work on just about every art blog that exists… including this one! {In 2009, I included her beautiful sketchbook in my very first ‘Jealously Curated’ show, Peep Show}.

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  1. heather /// 06.18.2010 /// 6:37am

    Love these! And the really funny thing is that I was sketching the EXACT same speckled bear (the first pic) as a study for a painting about 2 weeks ago!!! I kid you not! http://animals.nationalgeographic.com/staticfiles/NGS/Shared/StaticFiles/animals/images/primary/spectacled-bear.jpg

  2. The Jealous Curator /// 06.18.2010 /// 7:44am

    wow heather, you weren’t kidding! that’s him alright… without the sweater of course.

  3. katy /// 06.18.2010 /// 6:45am

    I know! Her work is amazing!! I love that she draws some of the less known animals like moon bears, bush babies, and red pandas.

    Great stuff.

  4. Jutta /// 06.21.2010 /// 10:32am

    I’m so jealous of her it burns my heart. I mean, she’s an incredible illustrator AND makes fantastic animations. What more can you want?

  5. TonyLivingston /// 12.08.2012 /// 12:43am

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