i’m jealous of {and on!} sfgirlbybay

Victoria Smith {aka, blogger extraordinaire, sfgirlbybay} is taking a well-deserved staycation in her home town of San Francisco for the next two weeks… and I could not be more excited! Why? Am I going with her? Nope. I get to fill in for her today! So, while she is off sipping lattes in cute little coffee shops, riding her bike {up lots of big hills!}, and taking gorgeous photographs all over the Bay area*, I will be adding my own little touch of jealousy to her beautiful blog. Come on over!

*{These lovely photographs are the latest images from Victoria’s Sunday in the City series, which I was jealous of last year. If you can believe it, she didn’t use an old Polaroid to get these shots, she used ShakeIt on her iPhone. Jealousy… there’s an app for that.}

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  1. beauty comma /// 06.22.2010 /// 10:43am

    hi, i found you via victoria’s blog and now i’m jealous! great blog, i’m hitting the “subscribe” button afterwards.

  2. The Jealous Curator /// 06.22.2010 /// 11:47am

    thanks! : )

  3. Mel /// 06.22.2010 /// 11:59pm

    I’m jealous that I hadn’t thought of having a website called “The Jealous Curator”, and showing artwork that I love and wish I made. Seriously.
    I too found you via Victoria. I’ll be back.

  4. The Jealous Curator /// 06.23.2010 /// 6:40am

    so sweet : )
    thanks so much mel!

  5. The Jealous Curator /// 06.23.2010 /// 6:49am

    so, turns out that i’ll get to finish decorating ‘the house that jealousy built’… victoria has asked me to be a regular contributor on sfgirlbybay! let the jealous decorating begin!