i’m jealous of ellen urselmann

I have a studio full of found objects. You know, stuff like old knitting needles, a small metal duck, and more ceramic doll limbs than I know what to do with… so, what am I going to do with them? I have no idea. If only I knew how to blow glass, then I’d be all set!  Perhaps I should dust off my weird little collection of knick-knacks, pop them in a box, and send them directly to Dutch artist Ellen Urselmann. I am absolutely positive that she’d know what to do with them!

{via junkculture}

{ps. come and see my dream bedroom over at sfgirlbybay today! ‘The House that Jealousy Built’ ~ Room No.3}

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  1. Ninotchka /// 07.20.2010 /// 7:32am

    OMG. Adore! The faucet and gun are my faves.

  2. theGK /// 07.20.2010 /// 12:00pm

    The faucet is pure genius, great post!

  3. peggy /// 07.20.2010 /// 4:49pm


  4. The Jealous Curator /// 07.20.2010 /// 10:17pm