i’m jealous of dear ada

Sigh. I can’t believe she’s leaving… although I’m totally inspired {and pretty jealous} about why she’s moving on. After five years of blogging about the art and design that she loves and admires most, Amanda Briggs of dear ada is laying down her typepad. Has she run out of inspiring work to write about? Nope. Just the opposite. She credits these other artists, and the time she spent on dear ada, with getting her an exciting new job, and a gallery that now represents her work! With an upcoming solo show, and who knows what else, she’s off to an amazing start! I’ll certainly miss her discoveries, but can’t wait to see what she creates… Good luck Amanda!

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  1. katy /// 08.02.2010 /// 6:52am

    wow! Very exciting. I love her blog too!

  2. Fabiana /// 08.31.2012 /// 2:40pm

    Sadly Dear ADA has decided to stop udapting this wonderful blog. It is still a great sight to find artwork you might not see and a great book list.

  3. the jealous curator /// 08.31.2012 /// 3:07pm

    yes! absolutely : )