i’m jealous of shauna & stephen

Jaunty, no?

Oh, there are so many reasons to be jealous of Shauna Alterio and Stephen Loidolt, the duo behind Something’s Hiding in Here, but I’ll try my best to stay focused. The project that has my heart today is called Forage… and it’s fantastic! Hand-made bow ties, in a range of styles and sorbet-esque colours. I’m jealous of this idea, I’m jealous that they get to hunt around for beautiful fabrics, and I’m jealous of the final product… but I have to say, it’s their hand-printed promo postcards {complete with teeny-tiny little bow ties}, that have pushed the designer in me over the edge!  Jaunty, and soul-crushing… not bad for a Tuesday morning.

{…and speaking of accessories, ‘the house that jealousy built‘ got a walk-in closet today! come for a visit over at sfgirlbybay!}