i’m jealous of tali yalonetzki

So, here’s some big news… I’ve just been asked to write a guest curator post on Etsy’s blog, The Storque. Yay! Clearly I said, Uh, YES! I think I gave myself about two seconds to bask in the excitement of it all before I started searching. Key word ~ Art > Painting > Original Painting > scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll… and there she was. Bette, a pink-cheeked brunette, with rose bud lips by Israeli artist Tali Yalonetzki. Oh yes, she’s going in the post for sure! Hm, or maybe I should show that fabulous cocktail party… or the sad lady in a green room… ooh, or maybe that black and white print! Sigh. Too much excitement for one day. I’ll start searching again tomorrow… key word ~ Mixed Media.

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  1. Ginny /// 08.11.2010 /// 6:50am

    Congratulations on featuring Tali Yalonetzki! I discovered her work on etsy a couple of years ago and purchased a lovely pastel drawing of horse and rider that she drew for an art school assignment. She has an exceptional talent for capturing the mood and feeling of a moment with only the most essential marks. She is one to watch.

  2. The Storialist /// 08.11.2010 /// 9:35am

    These are so beautiful.

    Congrats on being featured–you rock!

  3. Brian /// 08.11.2010 /// 1:00pm

    Congrats! That’s quite an honor.

  4. The Jealous Curator /// 08.11.2010 /// 3:30pm

    thanks everyone! yep, i’m very honored! …and very excited to be discovering artists like tali. ginny, i couldn’t agree more… she’s definitely one to watch.