i’m jealous of droog

Apparently, Droog is Dutch for ‘dry’, as in ‘wry, or wit’… but personally, I think it should translate to ‘love’, as in ‘Oh my word, I love this stuff so much!’ Droog is a design store/studio based in Amsterdam {with stores in New York and Tokyo, and world wide distribution}, that work with amazing designers to create fabulous things! I don’t know what I love most here… an antique chair covered in layers of fibre-glass strengthened polyester, the outermost layer silk-screened with a flowery pattern; or a log turned ridiculously cool bench; no wait, maybe it’s that jumbled up chest of drawers; ooh, or a swing you can hang in your living room that actually grows plants! Yep. Droog should definitely translate to love.

{All of these items can be found on their website. The designers are: 1) Jurgen Bey 2) Jurgen Bey 3) Tejo Remy 4) Marcel Wanders}

comments (3)

  1. heather /// 09.09.2010 /// 7:45am

    the log seat is part of the permanent collection at The High Museum in Atlanta. I LOVE it! I so want one in my Zen garden

  2. The Jealous Curator /// 09.09.2010 /// 12:01pm

    isn’t it amazing?! so simple. so brilliant.

  3. Vanessa /// 07.10.2015 /// 10:16am

    Hallo!!! WOW ! ! ! Du findest tolle Sachen und wir dürfen daran teilhaben. Freue mich sehr, von meiner Freundin diesen Tipp bekommen zu haben!!! Danke Dir!!!