i’m jealous of amanda holt

So, you know how every wedding anniversary has a designated type of gift… first anniversary is paper, fifth anniversary is wood, etc, etc. Well, this weekend I’m celebrating my seventh, so naturally I checked the chart… Wool and or copper. Hmm. Well, I’m deathly allergic to wool, and I definitely don’t want a pot, so I made an executive decision. Seven years has officially become custom-designed, upcycled license plate belt buckles. Ah, yes. Much better! I found these little gems on Etsy {of course!}, and with one quick email to Amanda Holt of Vintage in Retrospect we were off to the races. She basically let us design exactly what we wanted… dark blue, a big 7, a star, and not one little bit of wool or copper in sight. Yep, we love each other, and our incredibly cool lucky 7 belt buckles, very much! Thanks Amanda!

{happy anniversary to the sweetest guy in town  xo}

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  1. kathleen /// 09.17.2010 /// 8:11am

    Happy 7th! What a fabulous spin on a traditional anniversary gift. I’m jealous.

  2. The Jealous Curator /// 09.17.2010 /// 9:18am

    thanks kathleen!
    well, when wool {the traditional gift} could very well kill me, i figured it was time to get creative… otherwise i might not make it to my 8th anniversary ; )