i’m jealous of leo & pipo

As if you need another reason to go to Paris, but I’ll give you one anyway… well, two actually… Leo & Pipo. They are the artists behind these beautiful, and kinda ghostly,  life-sized portraits that can be found on lonely concrete walls all over Paris. Maybe it’s because Hallowe’en is just around the corner, but I have to say, that boy on the roof scares me a little bit… not enough to stop me from buying a ticket to Paris mind you, but enough to freak me out in a “sixth-sense/I see dead people” kind of way.

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  1. Hannah /// 10.06.2010 /// 4:14pm

    I love these! They remind me a little of Miso’s street art. A big fave.

  2. Ringo /// 10.07.2010 /// 4:58am


  3. Pattern Pulp - Friday Quick Links! /// 10.08.2010 /// 4:41pm

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