i’m jealous of emma dajska

Ahhh, you know that autumn has finally arrived when the leaves start turning orange, the air gets crisp, and people start popping up around town wearing their trendy “angry bear muzzle” hats again.

Yep. More mixed media. I love it, and so does Emma Dajska. Did you think she was from Greenland? Me too, but no, she’s from Poland. I guess a map of Poland didn’t poke out of a waistline quite as nicely!

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  1. claire /// 10.11.2010 /// 10:40am

    hey! this is great! i’m doing a post to shout you and maja desmka out! I’m gonna email you as well with a question I had!


  2. zindo /// 10.14.2010 /// 6:32am

    some Agnes Montgomery for magazine week day five perhaps?

  3. the jealous curator /// 10.14.2010 /// 7:07am