i’m jealous of samantha cotterill

These handmade pages by American artist Samantha Cotterill {aka mummysam} make me want to dust off the old sewing machine and roll out the bobbin thread… except that I haven’t even thought about sewing since I was forced to make a pair of Bermuda shorts in ninth grade Home Ec. Hm, maybe I’ll just covet these instead. Yes… much better plan.

{Now that I have you in a sewing kind of mood, come on over to sfgirlbybay and see the newest addition to ‘the house that jealousy built‘…}

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  1. Veronique Marot /// 08.25.2012 /// 11:04pm


  2. grrl+dog /// 08.28.2012 /// 1:14am

    I was forced to make a hideous blue skirt so voluminous it would have clothed an entire African village.

    Thirty years later i discovered I actually knew how to french seam and notch properly thanks to Home Ec…

    Anyway, I love Mummysam’s contemporary stuff more than the figurative..

  3. daisyblue /// 09.11.2015 /// 7:30am

    I love your work … so original . I think I’ll get the machine out and have a go.
    Thank you for the inspiration!