i’m jealous of whoever gets into this book!

Identities Now” will be a book comprised of select images submitted by photographers around the globe. The mission is to explore the current state of the photographic portrait through gathering the best work from a diverse cross-section of artists. ~ Peter Hay Halpert of Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art, New York

That could be you! If you’re a portrait photographer, you have until Friday December 3rd to submit your work to be included in this amazing book. Peter Hay Halpert has assembled a very impressive crew* to review the work, and make the selections… is it too late for me to try and be a portrait photographer? Yeah, ok, i know… but it’s not too late for you! Good luck!

* Selection committee shown above:1) David Harris, Design Director, Vanity Fair Magazine  2) Laurie Kratochvil, Photography Editor/Director  3) Sam Shahid, President and Creative Director, Shahid & Company  4) Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, Photographer/Director  5) David Schonauer, former Editor in Chief, American Photo Magazine  6) Peter Hay Halpert, Principal, Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art