je suis jaloux de ma + chr

Ahh, Paris… home to croissants, fancy poodles and Ma + Chr, a design studio created by Mathilde Aubier and Christine Delaquaize. So, where should I begin with my list of things to be jealous of? I already mentioned that they live in Paris, right? Right, ok, then, moving on. Well, how about the fact that they cover the spectrum when it comes to creative endeavors… print, textiles, mixed media, web, interior design! Basically, if it’s creative, they do it. Oh, and of course, those cats! I love those cats with their giant, vintage lady eyes! Yep, je suis très jaloux.

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  1. sami /// 12.10.2010 /// 1:56pm

    holy whiskers. love these soo sooo much.


  2. Masha /// 12.10.2010 /// 11:39pm

    Apparently it is getting even better in their website- thanks!