i’m jealous of scott listfield

Scott Listfield paints astronauts. Lots and lots of astronauts, all of whom are here from a few decades back to “explore the present”. They might be a bit disappointed though, because I’m pretty sure that by 2010 they were expecting flying cars, and silver everything as promised in movies like 2001 : A Space Odessy, and 1984. Well, don’t worry lonely little astronauts, I think I have a few nice, modern girls that would love to show you around… maybe you could even take them out for a donut.

{Scott’s work is currently showing in a two man show at the Laconia Gallery in Boston… Dec 3th – January 29th}

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  1. Tania @ Passport2Design /// 12.21.2010 /// 5:35pm

    This pop art is so fun! I love the bright, flat colours and the cheeky commentary on consumerism. A+

    *Tania @ Passport2Design.com

  2. the jealous curator /// 12.22.2010 /// 9:24am

    me too! and i really like that even though it’s so graphic, you can still see the brushstrokes. very nice!

  3. Sara /// 12.31.2010 /// 12:15pm

    when you said ‘take them out for a donut’ I thought you meant these painters:
    Emily Eveleth
    Pamela Michelle Johnson
    love your blog. thanks to Annie Coggan for the link.

  4. the jealous curator /// 12.31.2010 /// 8:52pm

    ha! yes, now those would be appropriate! i meant the logo-toting girls painted by swedish artist alexandra hedberg… i figured the astronauts might like their logos ; )