i’m jealous of jennie ottinger

Ooh, that was fun! I just spent the better part of an hour going through the loose, muted painting portfolio of San Francisco based artist Jennie Ottinger playing an artsy version of  “finish your own adventure”. Quite the little story I’ve managed to put together, wouldn’t you say? RV’s, guns, a random hazmat guy, a race to the hospital, and of course, a jury to decide how the whole thing should turn out… hmm, or maybe I can decide how it turns out by visiting her portfolio one more time. Gotta go!

{Thanks to Kate, from Art Hound, for pointing me to Jennie’s work!}

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  1. Jojo /// 03.23.2011 /// 6:32pm

    Forget “choose your own adventure”! The potential for corresponding haiku options alone makes your combined selects a home run. (And if I were faster on my Japanese poetry toes, I’d write on right now!) Love it! :)jojo

  2. the jealous curator /// 03.23.2011 /// 7:45pm

    you can’t make a comment like that, and then NOT write the haiku… i’m waiting… ; )

  3. Jojo /// 03.23.2011 /// 9:44pm

    A Jealous Haiku:

    RV-driver in
    haz-mat suit, gun-yeilding thug
    verdict is: bow tie

  4. the jealous curator /// 03.23.2011 /// 10:31pm

    i should have known.
    it’s always the bow tie.