i’m jealous of ceal warnants

I love it {and when I say love, I mean LOVE} when sweet images from childhood storybooks have been rearranged ever so slightly to be, well… really wrong. Guns, smoking, and booze? Yep, Dick and Jane are living it up now, thanks to London based artist Ceal Warnants. I love {and when I say love, I mean LOVE} her Stories for Bedtime series, and I want all of them displayed on my bedside table… you know, right beside my gun rack, ash tray, and half empty bottle of vino.

{I found Ceal’s work through London’s Jealous Gallery, when I wrote about them last week.}

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  1. Penelope@thirdroomstudio /// 03.30.2011 /// 12:14pm

    These are awesome – I love the smoking! Hilarious and interesting.

  2. bliss /// 03.30.2011 /// 12:53pm

    sometimes i consider photographing my own kids doing these sorts of things. but that would be wrong i guess. these are fantastic!

  3. the jealous curator /// 03.30.2011 /// 3:29pm


  4. Bill /// 03.30.2011 /// 6:13pm

    Yeah!!! These are awesome!!! I love it when people take the innocence out of childhood!!! Who wouldn’t!!!!! Innocence sucks!!!!!

    Moronic dreck for simpletons.

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