i’m jealous of chris von szombathy

Mmm… nothing like some polymer clay, acrylic paint, and cardstock to make a girl wanna do a late night run through the drive-thru! Although the majority of Vancouver-based artist Chris von Szombathy’s work seems to be digital illustration, I just love {love!!!} his food sculptures… yes, even the healthy options, like some ‘flav R full’ milk or a few perfectly fine/slightly over-ripe bananas. Yum.

{ …and hot off the presses, yesterday the The Cheaper Show announced the 200 artists that will be in this year’s show, and Chris is on the list! June 25th in Vancouver. Hm, I may have to do a burger run immediately after the opening.}

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  1. i eye iye! /// 04.15.2011 /// 12:18pm

    that makes me want to eat french fries and milk!

  2. the jealous curator /// 04.15.2011 /// 1:31pm

    mmm… me too!

  3. Lauren Brescia /// 04.16.2011 /// 10:05am

    Maybe it’s because it’s food related (and I love art about food obviously) but I’m jealous of this work! I hope I get the chance to see it in person some day.

  4. the jealous curator /// 04.16.2011 /// 11:28am

    i actually thought of you (http://www.thejealouscurator.com/blog/2011/04/05/im-jealous-of-lauren-brescia/) while i was writing this one… clearly i have a thing for food/art too! ; )