i’m jealous of kevin appel

Los Angeles based artist Kevin Appel makes me want to dust off that stack of old National Geographics in the corner of my studio, and get to work! Found images, collage, and a whole bunch of oh so beautiful white space… yep, I’m jealous.

{…thanks so much to Elizabeth, from the littlest blog, for sending me a link to Kevin’s work.}

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  1. Mark /// 05.03.2011 /// 11:01am

    Rock solid! I should not be looking at this as I am in the process of returning to collage and mixed media.

  2. the jealous curator /// 05.03.2011 /// 1:05pm

    ooh, really? please send me some examples when you’re ready… i’d love to see it (you already know how i feel about your paintings!)

  3. Katie /// 05.04.2011 /// 6:52am

    So excited by this post! Kevin Appel has been a wonderful painting teacher and friend of mine, and I’m obsessed with his work. I’m off to LA in a few weeks to visit his studio!

  4. Rowan Moore-Seifred /// 05.04.2011 /// 9:08am

    Seriously you are doing for me what years of therapy and medication could not. Your taste is impeccable, these near daily transmissions and your own admission of jealousy keeps me alive and making things and helps me to find my own voice in the wilderness. Rock on JC!

  5. the jealous curator /// 05.04.2011 /// 2:42pm

    that might be the best comment EVER! thanks rowan ; )