i’m jealous of inge jacobsen

can’t. breathe. so. jealous. maybe I’ll just sit down for a minute…

Ok, I’m feeling a little better. So, where were we? Oh yes, this insanely gorgeous work by Inge Jacobsen. Embroidery thread stitched directly onto the pages of high fashion magazines. Uh-oh, I’m getting dizzy again… I think the only way I’ll truly feel better, is if I own one of these pieces. Maybe the horse. Yes, that would help. A lot.

{via frankie magazine}

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  1. Samantha /// 05.15.2011 /// 2:21pm

    Love this.

  2. Samantha /// 05.15.2011 /// 2:22pm

    And I’m jealous of this! Haha. I guess I’m a jealous museum intern 🙂 What a great way to reuse something everyone has and create something new.

  3. amourette /// 05.16.2011 /// 9:52am

    this is amazing. LOVE it