i’m jealous of daniel egnéus

Ok, I’m not sure if I could pull off any of these looks… it takes a special woman to wear a shark, and not have it wear her, am I right? Well, these lovely ladies had some help form Swedish born, Milan-based artist/illustrator Daniel Egnéus. He transforms his daydreams into washy, beautiful, totally engaging paintings, and I love every single one of them… hmm, what about a goose hat? Do you think I could make that work?

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  1. Hagar /// 05.16.2011 /// 7:58am

    Beautiful work. Love the colors he using…

  2. shea /// 05.17.2011 /// 5:21am

    Lovely, sensitive work.

  3. Pattern Pulp - Friday Quick Links! /// 05.20.2011 /// 10:57am

    [...] 4. Daniel Egnéus’s illustrations are lovely, soft and strange via The Jealous Curator [...]

  4. ashmae /// 03.27.2012 /// 7:23pm

    Thank you for finding all of this incredible work! This is usually the one blog I spend any time on in my day.

  5. the jealous curator /// 03.28.2012 /// 9:20am

    thanks so much ashmae!