i’m jealous of alberto seveso


In water.




Ok, I’ll look away long enough to tell you that these stunning photographs were captured by Italian artist/illustrator Alberto Seveso. And yes, it’s really just ink being poured into water. So simple, yet absolutely mesmerizing.



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  1. michelle b /// 05.18.2011 /// 5:51pm

    Absolutely gorgeous.

  2. Samantha /// 05.18.2011 /// 6:25pm

    Wow. I thought the ink was fabric! Beautiful.

  3. liv /// 05.19.2011 /// 3:27am

    Ink in water is magical, I saw a film that was just ink forming shapes at the Carnegie Art Award in Stockholm. It was totally hypnotizing.

  4. Brian /// 05.19.2011 /// 8:54am

    Gorgeous! Wow.

  5. i eye iye! /// 05.19.2011 /// 11:02am

    captivating. yes.

    thank you!

  6. Anne Nowak /// 05.23.2011 /// 1:10pm

    I am jealous of you finding so much good stuff!!

  7. the jealous curator /// 05.23.2011 /// 4:10pm

    thanks anne ; )

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