i’m jealous of todd & bryan’s pancakes

Anybody up for breakfast in Vegas? On the menu… “over-sized pancakes made from photo optimized recycled fabric, stuffed with what actually feels like real pancake.” Sounds good to me, and although I usually prefer my pancakes without fur, I think I’ll make an exception for that last one!  Todd Von Bastiaans, and Bryan McCarthy have teamed up to bring you Todd & Bryan’s Pancake Bed and Breakfast at the Trifecta Gallery in Las Vegas. It opens tonight, June 30th, and runs until July 29th. I’d get there early, because I’m pretty sure that these 54″ pancakes will be sellin’ like hotcakes!*

*I totally stole that quote from a writer that I used to work with named Jane Murray, because well, it’s hilarious! Thanks Jane : )

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  1. Cathy /// 07.01.2011 /// 9:47am

    the fur pancake is killing me…