i’m jealous of amira fritz

Flowers. Oh, so many flowers…

Flowers in place of faces.

Flowers all alone in a quiet forest.

German photographer Amira Fritz grew up with parents who ran a plant nursery & flower shop {clearly}, and so large floral arrangements have become her choice of subject matter, as a reminder of home. I love both of these series so much {Alle von Denen & Spaziergang im Käferwald }, and could not decide which images to show. They’re all so lovely, eerie, and sort of sad in a strange way – a perfect combination as far as I’m concerned.

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  1. rebeca /// 07.18.2011 /// 8:50am

    this i very KOOL! i’m jealous too!

  2. Sara /// 07.18.2011 /// 9:18am

    good one. flowers. faces. forest. makes me want to jump for joy.

  3. the jealous curator /// 07.18.2011 /// 11:15pm

    ha! me too : )

  4. Nicole Longstreath /// 07.19.2011 /// 9:02am

    Happy + a little melancholy = I like it, in a dreamy sort of way …

  5. Claire /// 07.26.2011 /// 11:08pm

    These are beautiful – they make me think of Kristin Vestgard – this picture especially:

  6. the jealous curator /// 07.27.2011 /// 6:39am

    wow – those are gorgeous! thanks claire!

  7. Marc Provins /// 09.25.2012 /// 8:31am

    Beautiful, thought provoking work – a sophisticated combination of the natural and manmade.

  8. Lindsay Graviet /// 10.08.2014 /// 11:20am

    I just get the vibes of a funeral/burial when I see the last 3 photos. The idea is really cool. Love your website!

  9. the jealous curator /// 10.08.2014 /// 7:24pm

    yep… me too!
    thanks lindsay 🙂