i’m jealous of virginia kraljevic

I tend to be drawn {pun partially intended} toward work that I know I would have absolutely no patience to finish myself. These pen & ink drawings by New York based artist/illustrator Virginia Kraljevic are exactly that. Beautiful, careful, tiny details in every single image. Lovely.

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  1. rebeca /// 07.27.2011 /// 7:06am

    terrific work.

  2. dana /// 07.27.2011 /// 8:37am

    i am the same way… i have little patience when i’m completing some artwork. i am always dying to reach the end so i can simply sit back and admire it!
    xox dana

  3. Ashley /// 07.27.2011 /// 12:00pm

    These are so beautiful! I always wish I had the patience for this, but never seem to. Maybe I’ll try again some day.

  4. LARA /// 07.27.2011 /// 11:00pm

    I use to draw this kind of pictures for my relax. While speaking whit someone by phone, I take a ballpen and…

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  6. Simbie Yau /// 04.02.2012 /// 4:08am

    This looks amazing. Very effective. You can tell how much love and care has gone to create something this beautiful.