i’m jealous of kristin vestgard

Oh my. This is one of those posts where I seriously cannot type fast enough. When I saw this lovely,  moody, unique work by Norwegian, now UK based, painter Kristin Vestgard I had to write about it immediately. I wanted to show every piece in her amazing portfolio, but I managed to control myself… and besides, I had to hurry up and start typing!

{Thanks to Claire Loder for the link to Kristin’s work! Love, love, love!}

comments (7)

  1. Cez /// 07.28.2011 /// 9:36am

    just fantastic!!!!!

  2. Brian /// 07.28.2011 /// 10:11am

    Gorgeous! The one with the women wearing the deer head hats…I want it!

  3. the jealous curator /// 07.28.2011 /// 12:48pm

    i want ALL OF THEM!!! ; )

  4. Aris /// 07.30.2011 /// 5:24pm

    love her work!!!

  5. Sam /// 02.08.2015 /// 8:31am

    So dark and mysterious….I like it

  6. Jang /// 09.05.2015 /// 9:20am

    Wonder if she have prints of her artwork for sale? Totally in love with them all! Thank you for introducing her!

  7. kristin vestgard | Beholdamerica the blog /// 10.17.2015 /// 10:37pm

    […] ah, the lovely work of UK based artist Kristin Vestgard. I have loved her oil paintings for years, and I’m sure you can see why. […]